Beyond Travel

Use your Inspirato Pass for great local experiences and leisure and travel-related merchandise.

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Sometimes life gets too busy for travel so use your Pass to enjoy life-enhancing products and experiences.

How It Works


Browse the Beyond Travel list to discover new ways to use your Pass for leisure and travel-related merchandise and local experiences.



Use Pass Days to request an item or experience. Your Care team will reach out with all the details. For merchandise, expect to receive it within 3-5 days after check-out date.


Receive and start enjoying your Beyond Travel item, then return to the Trip List to reserve your next amazing Pass vacation.




Why consider Beyond Travel?

Beyond Travel gives you the flexibility to use your Pass Days to purchase merchandise or a local experience, instead of using it to book a trip. Your Pass is then “in use” while you await delivery of your selection. Once you receive your selection, your Pass will become available again and you can use it to book a Pass trip (or select another Beyond Travel item).

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